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Placing your online advertising with can deliver your advertising message to a unique section of the India and to the many overseas customers who visit our web site. An online advertising campaign with can help you:

  • Alert Internet users about your business or services
  • Raise brand and product awareness
  • Increase the number of visitors to your web site
  • Increase product sales Banner advertising forms the majority of advertising on the Web.

It is a powerful advertising medium that can be used for both brand awareness and direct marketing campaigns. An advertising banner is a graphic image on a web page that is linked to a location chosen by the advertiser (e.g. the advertiser's web site). Each time a user visits a page on the web site they will see a different banner, selected from the pool of advertising banners. By rotating the banners in this way we make our web site advertising more appealing to our customers. When an user moves their mouse pointer over the banner either it goes to the website of the respective client or the link page containing in at our site depends upon the scheme chosen by the client.

468 Pixels width * 60 pixels height - Rs 1000 / US $20 (Maximum size 20KB)

200 Pixels width * 600 pixels height - Rs 2000 / US $40 (Maximum size 10KB)

  • Above rates are only for displaying banner for one year
  • Animated or Static gif banners
  • Banner will display in bottom or right side of the page

    If you want to advertise on contact us at

*Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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