AB Properties

AB Properties, the real estate arm of the Bhatia Group founded in 1974, an integrated property development company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

It is a dynamic group committed to developing strategically located and economically viable developments that will generate substantial returns for their investors and end users. This is achieved through clear vision, innovation and creative thinking, progressive business practice and a highly committed team.

AB Properties, with the help of the vast experience of the flagship company, Bhatia Contracting, a company which is one of the major players in the construction industry, is launched as a direct response to the increasing demand from foreign and local 5 investment opportunities especially in the areas of property & property development and it aims to develop state-of-the-art Office Buildings as well as Residential units which incorporate premium living and work space in perfect harmony.

AB Properties is launching numerous premium projects in Jumeirah Village South, Dubai Waterfront, Dubai Silicon Oasis, The World in Dubai to name a few and remains distinctive through its innovative designs, which offer a compelling combination of aesthetic appeal and practicality. The team takes into consideration the potential final functions of the properties at all stages of the design and development process, ensuring that each and every development meets the commercial requirements of the marketplace.

Properties to sell by AB Properties