We understand that Search Engine Marketing is a complex process that requires time and an analytical approach. By outsourcing SEM to The Netizen World, you can save time and money while gaining expert advice in a marketing medium that drives results.

Here at The Netizen Worlds, a dedicated team will actively manage your search marketing for you, working in partnership to tailor the best solution for your needs. You benefit from our in-depth understanding of how to optimise, our established relationships with the search engines, and the expertise of our editorial team who can develop the best keyword strategy for you and write titles and descriptions that will work to your advantage. We also carry out extensive creative testing to ensure you get the right message across and increase your conversion rates.
From establishing campaign needs and requirements to creating and planning its execution, we are constantly seeking to optimise client accounts with daily, hourly and 'up to the minute' monitoring of 'live' campaigns. Our Major Services includes : -SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

This involves optimising both the body text and the HTML code within web pages so that your keywords are used to maximum advantage. We do this as a matter of course when designing a new website and we can also offer this as a service if your existing website is badly optimised.


What are your keywords?
we can conduct research and compile a list of all primary and secondary keywords relative to your product or service.


Pay Per Click Advertising
Sometimes pay-per-click advertising is an ideal medium. In such cases we can offer invaluable keyword research to establish the top keywords and phrases. We can also advise on advertising copy, click-through destinations, etc.


Web Directories & Portals
According to your type of business, we can list your site on popular directories and portals. This ensures a good flow of well targeted traffic.


Reciprocal Link Building
Website 'popularity' is a measure of other relevant sites that link to yours and vice-versa. We can install link management software on your website to help automate and accelerate the process of acquiring reciprocal links.


Press Releases
If you've got something to announce let us help... we can ensure it reaches media (online and offline) contacts either national or worldwide. We can compose professional press releases and circulate them within hours.


Online Banner Advertisement
If you've got something to announce or introduce let us help... we can ensure it reaches media (online) worldwide. We can compose professional Banner and get them on the websites or portals of high traffic and high visibility at nominal cost.

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