Uber introduces in-app feature for tighter security measures

Taxi dispatch systems, Uber and Uber clone are widely known for the security they provide to their customers. Uber introduced an in-app feature that will enable the passengers to send alerts to local police whenever there is an emergency along with the feature to also call 5 family members and 5 friends. This net feature will also share the location details and entire trip details of the passenger.


Uber has taken this measure in India to ensure tighter security measures especially after several rape cases across the country. We all know that Delhi gang rape case took place on a public bus. Since then other transportation systems have made it a strong motive to have security in their system with the best way possible. Uber’s competitors and Uber clone apps, TaxiForSure and Ola have also introduced the same type of SOS feature in their apps where location and trip details could be shared.


Uber chose in-app buttons over physical buttons because that in future would cause trouble and confusion to passengers. These hassles could take place if:


  • The cab is not tied up with just one cab service


  • These physical buttons would be prone to damages and malfunctioning and there is currently no alternative to maintaining that in the best working condition.


  • Because of physical buttons, it would be difficult for the operators to detect which passenger is facing problem from which service if the cab is serving more than one service provider.


Now the question that arises is, are the in-app buttons for safety actually useful?


Third party rides-


Because the SOS feature is limited to only the user who has booked the cab, SOS wouldn’t make sense to the person whose cab was booked by another friend. There are times when you ask a friend to book your cab. If there is an emergency during the ride, SOS wouldn’t make any sense to you as your SOS will track the location of your friend. In that case, a physical button would be more helpful. If security is the highest priority for any cab service provider, then it would be better if they make extra efforts for their customers and gain more trust in themselves.


Location Accuracy-


For the SOS feature to successfully run, it would be essential that the exact locations of passengers get tracked. While Uber is still working on  this feature to work effectively, Uber clone services are quite better and ahead and also have eradicated several problems that the police authorities have to face while they trace the victims.


When the in-app buttons have such major challenges, the taxi service providers will have to look for some alternative.


Why not opt for a single panic button?


All the taxi providers like Uber, Ola, TaxiForSure and others can together work for a common panic button that can be used by all the taxi operators. After all, security is every company’s priority and how would that matter if an Ola customer is seeking help from Uber security team when all the companies mainly care about customer loyalty than being the best service provider.


Uber and Uber clone services can also collaborate with NGOs that work for women safety where they can straight away take actions against any violence or molestation against women.


After many cases of kidnapping, molestation, robbery and other crimes were reported across the globe, especially in India, Uber came up with the “Panic button” in their app to ensure safety.


The cab app for drivers too is available wherein the driver can alert the administration if there is any sort of an emergency on their side.  


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