Chartered Yacht Cruises or Tanzania Private Luxury Safaris? A Comparison

If there are two vacation destinations that inevitably make it to the top of everyone’s list, they are visits to the Caribbean and to the African outback. Most people are quick to admit, too, that the ideal way to handle either vacation is through the use of luxury services that allow for a custom itinerary that allows you to get in all the activities you want and see all the relevant sights, on your schedule. If you’re trying to figure out for yourself whether the next trip should be from your choice of Tanzania private luxury safaris and Caribbean chartered yachts, then it’s worth considering what your goals are and how the two services stack up.


Amenities and Provisions


Both vacations bill themselves as luxury services, which means you can expect things to be taken care of for you throughout the trip. When it comes to a chartered yacht, this typically means either having the boat to yourself or, if you’re working with a small group, a few other cabins at most. Food tends toward the gourmet on yachts, and on safari you can expect the same from the lodge before you leave.


Creature comforts tend to be a bit more managed on the yacht, and since many people cruise just to shop, dine, and see sights, that choice tends to be one that works well for those who want to be sure that a certain amount of pampered downtime is figured in to the trip.


Activities and Sights


With a chartered yacht, custom departures from the itinerary are pretty much the reason for the trip, so that way you can fit in everything you want, from kayaking and swimming to snorkeling and fishing, with plenty of space in between to visit islands and ports of call that have features you find interesting. By contrast, the itinerary on African luxury safaris is set in advance, although it is customized, and because of this you know you are going on a tour to see wildlife across an entire region. There’s less flexibility in the plan, but there is also the excitement of an over-land adventure into one of the few places left where human activity has had a minimal influence.


Making the Choice


When it comes down to it, the question that most people would ask themselves before choosing between Tanzania private luxury safaris and the Caribbean experience is simple: When will I get another chance? Making a slow tour of the islands and taking in the various ports and their tourist activities is a relaxing and easy to plan trip, but it is also one that is likely to change very little from year to year, and the opportunities provided to snorkel and see wildlife are largely in areas where little change is occurring.


By contrast, many of Africa’s indigenous species are threatened, and while conservation efforts are underway, some of them also necessarily involve curtailing public access to some areas. That means that the safari you see this year might be very different from the safari available five or ten years from now, and it makes the memories you form on a trip into Tanzania’s wild spaces even more important.

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