Finally, Affordable Home Security for Apartments

Home security services have become incredibly popular over the years, and it’s not hard to figure out why. It is easy to rest more soundly when you know that you have professional protection, especially when you are away from home. Even the safest neighborhood or the best building can’t beat the peace of mind that comes when you can check your phone and know that nothing has been disturbed back home. For a long time, the way those services needed to be wired meant that they were difficult to access if you rented an apartment, but has found a way to harness the mobile revolution and bring security solutions to apartments.


Wireless Means Mobile


The best part about this service’s use of wireless technology is that the equipment can move with you, and that sets it apart from other alarm systems. This means once you are invested, it’s a simple matter of working with the company to transfer your address and re-activate your service if you get a new job or you decide to upgrade your apartment after a time.


Wireless also means that everything sets up out of the box easily, from the door monitors to the glass break sensors for your windows and the motion sensors for each room. The base station controls everything, and then you download the company’s app to your phone or tablet to take control over the entire setup. Along with those controls, the system also comes with an in-home remote to make access easier.


Power and Control in Your Palm


The result of this wireless networking and mobile access is that you are able to sign in to your security system, turn it off and on, and monitor its settings from wherever you happen to be, around the world. If there are alerts at any point of entry, you can count on instant notifications, and on top of that, the system can be configured to provide notifications to up to nine separate contacts, so your friends or family know to check on your place when you are not around.


Cost Containment and Options


One of the best ways that has innovated on existing security solutions is by providing the equipment free, minus the security and activation charges that go with the service. In this way, they’ve moved to keep costs accessible and at the same time, they have done away with the infrastructure for installation needed when you produce hard-wired systems.


The cost savings go further, though, with a choice of two tiers for service options. One, the self-monitored tier, provides the user with control over all aspects of their alarm system, but they have to handle situations themselves as they arise. The professionally monitored tier, on the other hand, works just the way you expect professional alarm subscriptions to work, with full support.




For a long time, accessing reliable home security solutions in an apartment setting meant finding a landlord who had already made the investment in security as an amenity or one who would allow a tenant to make the modifications necessary on their own. Those options are both costly. Luckily, provides a third way that makes sense to most apartment dwellers in the digital age.


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