Dialysis Charge Capture Offers More Than What you Expect!

Are you curious to know about latest sophisticated Charge Capture Hospital, electronic documentation software? Dialysis charge capture is most beneficial to the physicians and organization like hospitals and clinics. Charge capture applications are very flexible to handle and workflow procedure is easy. Just in a single click Mdtech  and know more about us and how can we help you?

It’s a great environment to work with us with no difficultly and capture charges at the point of care in just 5 clicks. Dialysis charge capture is so much easier than old paper work. It eliminates standing in queue and delay in getting the billing information that is required.It is an award-winning mobile charge-capture application used by doctors and provides an automated billing process and can be easily customized to the clinics workflow. Capture all your Dialysis visits with just one single click and swipe. This subscription based software is designed to provide accurate and efficient charge capture for doctors anywhere and it has a new enhancement capability especially for the documentation of the dialysis visits. Creating customizable fields in less than 5 seconds is easily possible.

Dialysis charge capture has been used by thousands physicians nationwide and in more than 25 different specialties. The doctors are now able to keep track of the patient’s lists for their hospital and dialysis units through this mobile application. Communication and transparency of practices and treatments has wholly improved. There no doubt this is a fast, easily application for sharing and tracking accurate information, human error and network dependability is reduced by this application.

Like most business, hospitals are also cataloging, appropriately charge, and reconcile all the service provided to its customers. Charge Capture Hospital has reduced time spent on paperwork or answering questions from the billing department. It’s a shortened billing cycle. It eliminates human error and creates efficiencies within the organization with flexibility customization and world class support. Managing communication between doctors and billing staffs by making use of rule based work-flow is possible by this application. It offers flexible web based reports that are available in Excel, XML, PDF and also HTML formats to meet all reporting needs. There is no limit on patient entries.

It easily captures inpatient charges and simplifies patient tracking and encounter billing. Auto – generates appropriate CPT codes and send charges to the office. It gives information from the dialysis labs according to when and where you need them and helps in scheduling follow up appointment. Check out our free 7 day trial package which will help you understand the benefits of this software. The charges are enteredonce in to the mobile device or on the web. The charge is stored in a central database where it is later available for review and verification. MD coder is also available in the following devices like Blackberry Edition, Windows Edition, and Web Edition.

Visit our website Mdtech to know more about the services and to get more clarity of how it works. Also feel free to share your constructive feedback for you to deliver better services.

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