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Are you worried about your child falling ill always? Kids at young age are fragile and needs to be nurtured with care. Paediatric care is something that is inevitable in a child’s life and you need to be pretty careful of the service provider you choose.


We, Children’s Home Healthcare are a paediatric service provider in Texas and offer kids with specialised care along with quality nursing services. With more than a decade experience in the industry we have now known to be the best when it comes to nursing and paediatric services.


We were established in the year 2005 with the vision of offering quality services and growing as the trusted home healthcare agency in Amarillo and localities surrounding it. Over the years we have now spread our services to various other locations such as Dallas and Van Alstyne. The founders believe that the success is the never ending commitment and passion exhibited by their nurses and staffs that have helped them grow.


Coming to our services part, other than paediatric care we offer our clients with various other services such as private duty nursing facility, attendant or personal nurse services, evaluating health issues and advising medications based on it along with gastric feeding facilities.


As a preferred home healthcare agency, we offer you with personalised care rather than just nursing. Our caring centre motivates and promotes family bonding, growth and development through various activities by eliminating the risk factors.


Recent research has pointed out that more than 13% of the US population is in need of health care agencies to take care of their kids when parents are not around. We also offer various kind of treatment facility ranging from complex diseases to most simple cases.


Our doctors have the proven track record of curing children with cerebral palsy, preterm birth complications and developmental delays. Our doctors and nursing staffs are trained and licensed to handle any kind of complex medical condition related to kids and treat them with confidence.


Other than home care facilities and regular checkups our healthcare agency also provides kids with various other facilities such as administering medications, oxygen that is mechanically assisted, gastric feedings, surgical care, management of pain, wound care, chemo support and more. The kids are put to the direct supervision of trained physicians who are assisted by licensed and vocational nurses.


Before choosing a right home healthcare agency, it is necessary to analyse if the healthcare agency answers the following questions popping in your mind. The ownership of the agency, services offered by the agency, support or customer care team who can handle queries and tough situations at ease, exclusive paediatrics facility, potentiality of staffs.


As a professional healthcare agency, we Children’s Home Healthcare promise you that we have answers to all the above mentioned questions; that will not only satisfy you but also ensure that we are the best in the industry. We are a team of dedicated paediatric staffs who are focussed to offer complete care and attention to every child admitted to our healthcare agency.


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