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Kapsun global invites you to join Health Care Division and earn profit smartly. You can get the benefits by becoming a member of our division. ID: sp411d1310 Membership Fees - Rs 10,000/- Registration Charge- Rs 1,000/- Get health product (Bio Magnetic Bracelet or Scalar Energy pendant) free with every membership. You will get your membership fee back in 20 months with profit of Rs 9000/- Total you get Rs 20,000(exclusive TDS & Service Charge) back in 20 months i.e. (Rs 1000 X 20 months) Also get more: -Sponsor Income -Binary Income -Kapsun Bonus -Kapsun Royalty -Kapsun Rewards All payments would be made through Kapsun Reward Card (Visa Debit Card) which can be withdrawn from all ATM's supporting VISA in India For more details visit: or contact us at +91-9426870234 or email us at

Location: Moradabad , India

Date Added: 17-03-2011


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