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Ms. Dipali Sherekar

The company is Six years old and deals with products in automation, communication and Information technology. Apart from having more than 25 years experience in these fields we do work in close relationship with many system integrators which enables to provide the appropriate services to the customer. Major activities are as follows

1.Import of various types of data communication equipments

2.Fibre optic converters covering most of the applications

3.Data communication electrical ( copper ) converters for various applications

4.Passive components of fibre optic systems such as Fibre optic cable, Connectors, Adapters, Patch cords, Pigtails, LIUs, enclosures, etc.

5.PLC based SCADA systems

6.Database Integration

7.Automation product development for customised testing, monitoring & recording systems.

8.Software products for integration of industrial / plant data with ERP and distribution of such data through various modes / methods.

9.Supply of cables for applications in Power, Control, Communication, I & C and Networking.

We do provide and undertake turn key solutions. We cover verticals like Automation, Telecom, Petrochemicals, Power, Oil & Gas, Railways, Defence, etc.

Product -: Fibre Converters for Serial, RS232, RS485, USB, Modbus, Profibus, Video, Audio, Ethernet, VGA, Telephone. Multimode to Singlemode, E1, V.35, Multiplexer, Transceivers, SFP, Fibre Patch Cords, Fibre Cable, LIU, Connectors, Adapters, Switches, E1 to Ethernet, RS232 to E1/V.35, Serial (RS232/ RS485) to Ethernet, RS232 to RS485, RS485 Cable, Data Communication Cable. Alarm Information Management System, Energy Management System,

Location: Indore , India

Date Added: 15-07-2010

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