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Amsha Match House were started in the early 90's, to manufacture match boxes. Today, Sathish kumar match industries have grown as a leading manufacturer of Matchboxes for temple and home purposes in India. The company supplies 80% of the domestic market requirement and exports 20% of the turnover to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. At 90’s there was only 10 people working and also produce around 20 bundles per day in our factory. And today we have around 400 employees and we are producing around 20000 bundles a month. Our name has been synonyms with quality since past 22 years and continues to be the most trusted brand among the major safety matches manufacturers in India. We have been exporting top quality matches, which are made as per the traditional Indian method and thus are highly appreciated in the markets all over the world. Our safety matches are made by skilled craftsmen, who have great experience in the field. We use high grade raw materials to manufacture match sticks as per globally viable production standards. Our reputation has crossed international borders and our safety matches are in great demand in world markets. Our Safety Matches are produced from the finest quality raw materials. Every ingredient used in the production is put through a series of rigorous tests, before actual production. This unswerving commitment to quality has made our Safety Matches, the best possible product available in the market. We take pride in stating the fact that our Safety Matches are being exported to various countries in the continents of Africa, America and Europe. We have a separate export division taking care of our overseas business.

Location: Srinagar , India

Date Added: 06-06-2013


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