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Passing on gold to generations has been the age old tradition of India. This link between generations has an expression of love and commitment and has been sustained with utmost faith and care. Beauty Mark Gold is proud of its place in that tradition of sustained faith, commitment to quality and world class service. We believe that jewellery is an expression of individuality and that it plays a vital role in enhancing the taste of the wearer. Hence each piece is well crafted without sacrificing on quality and eventually it turns out to be the perfect compliment for the individual’s style. Beauty Mark Gold Pvt. Ltd. was established in April 2010 as a separate entity of the traditional family business group, the Beauty Mark Group; and since then it has been thriving as a transparent jeweller. This name we achieved through the word of mouth of our most valued customers.

Location: Haora , India

Date Added: 21-11-2011


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