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Dispatch is a method for assigning employees or vehicles to customers. Taxi dispatch therefore means the action involving assigning taxi or cab and taxi drivers with the vehicle to those who are looking to hire the services to reach their desired destinations. Taxi dispatch software means the software or application program used to dispatch taxi to people or customers looking to use taxi services for travelling purpose.  This advanced technology solution offers business solution to managers involved in managing taxi and taxi drivers and assigning them to customers when reservation is done in electronic form and also to the customers who wish to travel comfortably in taxis or cabs without any issue.   They do not want to waste time and energy waiting when an empty taxi will pass by and they will make gestures with their hands asking them to stop and take them. They just need to download the software in their handsets and book a taxi that is not currently transporting any passenger and is in close proximity to where the service seeker is.   Booking a taxi for transportation requirement gets easy and also knowing whether any taxi or cab is available or not at a nearby location where the person who needs the service is standing or awaiting for a taxi. Taxi booking is very easy and also payment options available are very suitable. Safety and security of any passenger booking and enjoying taxi service like this  is not threatened as due record of the taxi driver name and other necessary vital information can be find out at ease and at any time. No matter what part of a day it is or even at odd hours in the night the cab or taxi service can be enjoyed and got access to at ease. Gone are the days when no matter how precious the time is and how important the task is at hand one need to stand in a queue, waiting for long hours to avail of cab service. Passengers are free to select the vehicle of their choice also as huge options and flexibility can be enjoyed by the service seeker in this matter. If one wants an ac taxi or cab she or he can select so. Pre selection of amenities, driver, vehicle or cab and fare can also be done by the passengers with the help of suitable passenger app installed suitably in their handsets.    Cab or taxi service record keeping for the managers become hassle-free as it automatically informs the manager or taxi-owner about due jobs of taxi maintenance and servicing. Seamless customer service round the clock becomes possible with the use of such advanced and efficient software in managing the taxi/cab operations. Dispatch software helps keeping driver record management in a systematic manner with its installing as, monitoring and recording of information pertaining to booking of taxis or cabs, duty slips and prepaid as well as postpaid payments etc becomes possible. No room for negligence, insecurity and confusion is there if the dispatch software is taken help of.   Source :   Author Bio: The writer is an expert in the field of  Taxi Dispatch Software and Dispatch Software    

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