7 Foods that can keep your teeth healthy

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  You might have probably heard a million times that regular brushing and flossing keeps your teeth and mouth healthy. Brushing and flossing can keep away sugar and food particles that form plaque, thus preventing cavities. But, dentists say good oral health doesn’t limit to proper brushing & flossing methods. It also deals with certain foods we consume. Here are 7 such foods recommended by dentists. 1. Tea: Polyphenols found in green and black teas slow down the growth of bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease. Research also finds that people who rinsed their mouth with black tea for one minute, 10 times a day had much lesser plaque that those who rinsed with water. 2. Cheese: Dentists suggest including cheese due to the fact that they reduce acid levels in mouth. It was noticed that the acid or pH levels were more in those people who consumed milk and yogurt, while those who ate cheese found a drop in pH levels. 3. Raisins: Being a source of phytochemicals, raisins inhibit the development of plaque that causes cavity. Certain compounds present in raisins are also capable of preventing the growth of bacteria that causes gum disease. 4. Fruits: Crunchy fruits such as apples, cucumbers and carrots require enough chewing. Fortunately, dentists explain that the mechanism of chewing assists in ‘disturbing’ dental plaque, thus assists in natural cleansing by clearing out bacteria. 5. Cranberries: Just as tea, cranberries also contain polyphenols that prevents plaque clinging to teeth, by which the risk of cavities is minimised. The natural sugar content in cranberries also brings many health benefits to teeth, as per dentists. 6. Chewing Gum (Sugarless): Fresh breath aficionados can rejoice, as chewing gums contribute to oral health, except for the fact that they have to be sugar-free. Chewing promotes secretion of saliva that eliminates bacterial growth. 7. Foods rich in Vitamins: Dentists explain that foods such as cheese, almonds and green leafy foods that are rich in calcium keep your teeth enamel strong and healthy. So does foods such as meat, fish and eggs that are rich in phosphorus. Calcium is also great for bones too. No matter whatever dietary habits you follow, make sure you are consuming a complete balanced diet. Consider these dentist recommended foods in your everyday lives for optimum oral health. The author is an experienced dentist in North Sydney offering high quality dental treatments for several patients. He advices readers on best foods recommended by dentists in North Sydney that promotes good oral health. Visit http://mcmahonspointhealth.com.au/

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