Yoga Asana To connect with and understand yourself

By Vikram Devatha Yoga Asana To connect with and understand yourself Custom Tag

Yoga is a holistic form to bring awareness to the body and mind. Through physical exploration, yoga could be a way for some spiritual experiences. With the practice of Yoga Asana, you could break free from the limitations that keep you from attaining unconditional peace and fulfilment. On this one-on-one retreat, you will find the opportunity to build a strong, personal connection to yoga, to suit your unique self. You may choose to do this retreat alone, with one-on-one attention that will give you the chance to explore all aspects of the Iyengar form, as well as focus on your own personal growth. You could also choose to participate with a partner, and discover new means of engaging with each other on a journey towards spiritual awareness. The retreat will help you develop discipline, awareness and peacefulness, which will carry on into your everyday life and allow you to build stronger relationships and work with positive dedication.

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