Property Hunting For the House of Dreams

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There are few things that matter a lot in life: Health, Wealth and Family. But what good is that wealth which gives no comforts? How can a man make his family without having a place to live? Won’t that health deteriorate without a good night’s sleep?  Properties are hot investment in London these days and what makes it hotter? The fact that the London residential property is hot just limited, but is exquisite and expensive. But also with the high demand for property in London also comes a higher risk of being fooled by the property agents. There are many property agents out there who show a palatial house with all the basic necessities, interiors and a good locality, but after residing there for a couple of weeks comes the real picture which is not so good. People need to understand that property, whether an apartment or a building for corporate office is not very easily available in London. Its like finding Nemo or a needle in the grass. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind before renting or buying an apartment in London like: •    Matters of Finance: The most important thing to consider before going for apartment hunt is the budget. A man can do window shopping for property for long, but eventually just lurking around won’t get the place. It is important to set a budget and according the finance available one has to decide whether to rent an apartment or buy it on instalments. •    Location Matters: It’s important to consider a location which is not so far from the office and daily shopping centres, but also not at a place which is too congested and noisy. One should always opt for a central location from where basic things like railway station, schools, hospital are not so far. As the fast paced life of people will be obstructed if the apartment chosen is on the country side or at the outskirts. •    Hiring or Registering with an Agent: Everyone has their own expertise. Not everyone is a good negotiator, apartment hunter or property specialist. By registering with a property agent one can get awesome deals at the best of the location and at affordable prices. The agents also help in arranging mortgages and even extending the notice period that will help in arranging the deposit. •    Surveying the Properties: After hiring an agent and arranging for the finance, another crucial point is to survey the properties. While surveying the properties it is essential to check every nook and corner and make a checklist of question to ask the sellers of the place. •    Make an Offer and Cater to legalities- Once the properties have been surveyed and properties shortlisted. The crucial step is to make an offer to the sellers. If everything goes well and a contract is stuck then the legal formalities begin to transfer the ownership and exchange of contract. •    Moving In: Finally, the most awaited step comes. Moving into the house of dreams and making it a home to love, cherish and start a memorable life ahead.   About the Author: The writer is an expert in the field of Construction with focus on Best Property Investment In UK and Property Investments London etc..

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