Servo Based Robotic Arm

By Roshan Vasudevan Servo Based Robotic Arm Custom Tag

Gridbots brings Robotic arm assembly to facilitate your robots with object manipulation capabilities.

Based on modular design the complete arm can be assembled under 1 hour.

The components of the Arm assembly can be used seperately or in a combined manner to achieve any complex configuration of desire.

Complete arm assembly is made out of light but strong lexan which has been laser cut to utmost precision.

Robotic Arm assembly comes with following parts which can either be used seperately or in a combined manner

  • High Torque Metal Gear Servo Motors
  • Servo based Gripper
  • Wrist unit for Gripper to provide Roll Motion along the axis (90 degree clockwise and 90 degree counterclockwise)
  • Fore-Arm unit for up-down movement of Wrist-Gripper combo ( 90 degree up and 90 degree Down)
  • Elbow Unit for Moving Complete Forearm unit( 90 degree up and 90 degree Down)
  • Shoulder Unit to Move Completed Elbow unit.(90 degree front and 90 degree back)
  • Optional Base Unit to rotate completed Arm assembly on axis 180 degree.
  • Optioanl 8 Servo Controller to control the Robotic Arm assembly.
  • Optional Software code library in the form of ActiveX to control the Arm (With Motion sequencer - Record and Playback)
  • Optional Power Supply

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