One Family - Bringing families together

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A 2-day retreat for families that want to explore new territories, learn new skills and bond with each other in a simple, yet refreshing manner. The retreat starts on Saturday evening with a healthy dinner, followed by a drum circle where you will experience the joy of rhythm and percussion. Sunday and Monday will be filled with workshops to help you bond with your family. The retreat price includes: facilitation of all activities, meals (lunch and dinner) and tea and snacks twice daily. It does not include accommodation and breakfast. The retreats are playful in nature and full of workshops and activities that parents can participate in together with their children. These include Clayful Joy, Creativity with Sound, Theatre Games, Drum Circle, Cycle Ride, Creative Family Games and Acro Yoga! Workshops usually begin with exercises and games that help people enter into a spirit of playfulness, develop trust between the players and raise the energy levels of the group.

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