Joyful Living (Make ordinary days extraordinary)

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14th-21st February 2016, Rs. 8800 per participant Do you want to: Live with joy and ease? Improve your work life balance? Cultivate mindfulness and gratitude? Enhance your health and well-being? Find peace in a hectic life style? Join life coach Julie for a 5-day Joyful Living experience in Auroville, the inspiring and magical forest city in South India. Joyful Living is a residential retreat for maximum 8 people. For 5 nights & 6 days we will stay in the serene sustainable campus of 'Vérité' Schedule Each day at the retreat includes a yoga and meditation session to open your heart and body, and two interactive workshops on the Joyful Living theme of the day. You will also have plenty of time for relaxing and exploring Auroville. Julie facilitates the workshops using life coaching techniques to create insights and find your own answers, as well as get you committed and accountable to put them into practice and transform your life. Monday | Waking up: how to start your day with awareness Tuesday | Mindful routine: how to build a yoga and meditation practice Wednesday | Rest day Thursday | Eat joyfully: how to eat what your body needs Friday | Flow through your day: how to keep things simple and follow your heart Saturday | Unwind: how to close your day and prepare for sleep. Sunday | Closing ceremony

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