Advanced Liposuction Surgery in Thailand Cost-Effective and of High-Quality with Best Care Post-Surgery

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Those of you who are unhappy with specific areas of their body having excess fat or sagging skin, liposuction surgery are ideal for them. The procedure helps to remove localized fat deposits from the thighs, hips and buttocks, abdomen and waist, back, upper arms, inner knee, cheek, chin, and neck, and such other areas. Also known as lipoplasty, it helps to reshape areas of your body by removing any excess fat. The surgery is done only by experienced, certified surgeons having many years of experience. Vaser Liposuction It is an USFDA approved process that uses ultrasonic energy to melt down and remove extra fat. Vaser technology is not only more efficient than the traditional method of liposuction, but is also less disturbing. You can expect a faster recovery and less swelling and bruising after the surgery. Patients will have a smoother skin and a beautifully contoured body post operation. Solution Beauty & Wellness Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful city of Bangkok in Thailand, has plastic surgeons, well trained in the US or Western Europe under various Thai government supported programs. They can speak fluent English and offers liposuction surgery using advanced and right techniques and equipment. Solution Beauty provides quality care for all interested patients in Thailand. The price of Vaser Liposuction in two areas is THB 90,000 or approximately USD 3,000. For each additional area, a patient has to pay THB 10,000 or approximately USD 330. The price includes initial consultation and evaluation fees, surgeon fees, cost of pre-operative exam, anesthesia fees, hospital stay, prescription medication and transfers to and from airport and to and from hospital as needed. Procedure Abdominal Liposuction or other types of liposuction is done by experienced surgeon using general anesthesia.  The time of the procedure varies depending on the number of areas to be treated and the amount of fat to be removed. Solution Beauty & Wellness Co., Ltd. plastic surgeon will make a small incision in the area to be reshaped and fill the area with a special saline solution. The solution numbs the area and restricts blood loss and bruising. A sound energy transmitting probe is then inserted to break up the fatty tissue. Finally, the liquid fat is removed through by using a specialized suction process and the incisions are stitched. While the other plastic surgery clinics ask for a high price for liposuction in Australia, patients can easily come to Solution Beauty in Australia to get the best care and plastic surgery at an affordable price. The Australian clinic is cozy and well-equipped with latest facilities and equipment required for successful liposuction. You will also get a free evaluation in real-time by simply filling in the form to get in touch with a surgeon of Solution Beauty. About The Author: The writer is an expert in the field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery with focus on Vaser Liposuction. His Articles Thigh Lift Surgery are delightfully read by user.

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