ATB One to One

By Vikram Devatha ATB One to One Custom Tag

  A personal guided space to stop and listen to one-self that allows you to bring attention to your body, mind, emotions, and the whole being. ATB harmonizes and shows you a way to let go of old habits, tensions and contractions. The sessions makes you connect with yourself and learn to be in the witness attitude. It requires (and develops) a capacity of attention. You will experience a profound state of relaxation and ease at all levels. You can also choose to participate with a friend or partner together, learning to give and receive, to listen and to tune into the other, opening a space for a respectful and unconditional listening. Opt for a single session that will allow relaxation and harmonization, or experience multiple sessions, that will deepen the experience, and provide a clearer sense of connection with yourself. Develop an ability to listen and understand yourself better. With each session you will acquire tools that you can use in daily life to improve your state of health and wellbeing.

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