The work + Interplay

By Vikram Devatha The work + Interplay Custom Tag

  This two-day workshop retreat will give you a foundation and basic grounding in the simple yet powerful process that is “The Work of Byron Katie”. The Work is a process of inquiry that consists of four simple questions designed to help one understand the source of one’s suffering: one’s own limited thinking. Inquiry brings awareness, and with awareness comes freedom from suffering. Suffering is optional! InterPlay is a fun, body-awareness based practice that was founded in Oakland by two dancers. Combined with The Work, which is yoga for the mind, we will find the inner balance between work and play. This retreat is for adults of age 18 and above. There is no maximum age limit! Prior knowledge or experience using The Work of Byron Katie or InterPlay is not required. This two-day workshop will give you a tool for life to discover and work through limiting beliefs relating to any type of stressful situation – be it at home, in the workplace, or out in the world – on your own. Participants will come to understand how it is not the world that is causing all the suffering within but one’s own confused thinking. Freedom begins in the mind!

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