The Characteristics of Gas Flush Packing Machine

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 Gas flush , adopts inert gas such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or mingle of both to replace the gas in the bag and seal it, is also called gas replacement packing machine. There are two kinds of gas flush packing machine in the processing of production. First is vacuum gas,Capping Machine replacing inert gas. In operation, products should be filled into bag, then vacuum the gas, last flush gas and seal the bag. This packing technology rapidly develop. Second is nitrogen replacement. This is main used in the product which is not easy to vacuum, such as food, coffee and tea, etc. There are three main factors that influence the effective of flush gas packing machine. First, try best to replace gas. Second, use proper gas according to different food. Third , the quality of flush gas device, such as the effective of sealing. The benefit of flush gas packing: reduce or avoid oxidation; restrain the growth of microorganisms; reserve the color, aroma, taste and nutrition.

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