Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

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    VRJ- FS Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Capping Machine is suitable for filling all kinds of pasty and viscous fluid and the materials alike, into plastic and composite metal tubes and then internally heating tubes, sealing and printing lot number. It is used in the industries ofpharmaceutics, foodstuffs, cosmetic and daily chemicals. Siemens Germany PLC oftouch screen control system.It has functions oftube feeding, marking identification( orientation), filling, sealing, coding, trimming. The part contacting materials is made of316L stainless steel, clean, sanitary. With safety device, the machine is shut down when the door is opened or emergency happen. And filling carried out only with tubes feed. Parameter:  Filling volume : 5-250ml(tube)  Filling accuracy : ≤±1%  Capacity : 1800-2400(tubes/h Adjustable)  Tube diameter : ф5mm-50mm  Tube length: 210mm (Max. Length)  Hopper volume: 40 L  Hopper Mixer: Optional  Power: 380V/220V(Optional)  Air pressure : 0.5-0.7MPa  Dimension (L×W×H): 1900×1000×1950mm  Weight: (Approx) : 850kgs  Electric & pneumatic components: ABB, SIEMENS, SMC, OMRON. ..

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