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  g623 gangsaw slabs -China grey granite slabs and big slabs     Introduction of G623 Granite Slabs and Big Slabs Name: G623 Granite Slabs Releated Name:  Synonyms: A 023, Barry White, Bianco China, Bianco Sardo (A), China Sardo, Counter White, ES Bianco, G3523, Gamma Grey, Grigio Sardo, Haicang Bai, Haicang White, KS-W-07, Moon Pearl, Padang Beta, Padang New Rosa, Padang White, Rosa Beta, Rosa Grey, Rose Beta, Sesame Light, Silvery Gray, Silvery Grey, Silvery Rose, Snow Grey, Stone Rose, WG023, White Flower, G623 big slabs, g623 gangsaw slabs, g623 large slabs Water Absorption Rate: 0.30% Rock Density (W.A.) : 2610kg/m3 Compressive Strength:   Bending Strength:   Scleroscope Hardness: - Abrasion Resis. Hardness: - Application: countertop, tabletop, Flooring, walling, paving, urban furniture, facading and landscaping G623 granite new is from a new quarry close to old quarry of G623 . G623 granite ( new )has low cost and widely use in building project,along with G603 Granite quarry stopped and old quarry of G623 will be close soon ,the g623 granite  ( new ) will be more fashion in world decoration and structure projects.  Comparing to G623 granite from  old quarry , new G623 granite is with bigger white spot , clear and light grey color .  Standard sizes: 2400up x1200up x 20/30mm, most of our gangsaw slabs are larger than 1600x2500mm, any thick of slabs is available. Finished of granite slabs: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Flamed plus Brushed, Leather, Antique, Sawn cut, Sand blasted, Acid-washed, and any customized processing surface is available . Packing: lined with plastic film,then in strong fumigated wooden bundles reaching. Loading Quantity:  450m2 for 20mm or 300m2 for 30mm (27Tons if) Widely used in family home, hotels,restaurants,plazas,commercial and residential buildings, or buy them and cut into big slabs for customers who will cut them to other sizes on their own saw machine.  European standard with Fumigation certificate available.       www.china-granite-slabs.com/ chinamarket.chinesecms.com

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