Explosion-proof Electric Hoist

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Explosion-proof Electric Hoist can be used alone or supporting the use of single girder, electric hoist double girder, electric hoist gantry crane, jib crane and other explosion-type girder,  explosion-proof grade ExdⅡBT4 and ExdⅡCT4, widely used in factories with flammable gas, dust and air formation of explosive gas mixtures, combustible dust atmosphere and other places. With strong stability, high safety factor, long mechanical service life, modular design, simple structure and balanced design, etc. Explosion-proof Electric Hoist including single and double speed, double speed especially for occasions require fine adjustment, high and low speed ratio of 1:10. Explosion-proof Electric Hoist traveling mechanism including fixed type and traveling type. Our company has nearly 30 years of production and design history of electric hoist, has accumulated a wealth of experience in electric hoist design and production, and can also design and produce non-standard electric hoist adapt to various conditions.   Weihua Crane is professional material handling equipment manufacturer and servicer with largest production in global. Provide you with overhead crane, gantry crane, electric hoist, etc. of safe, reliable and efficient crane solutions and services.

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