Cyber Cafe Management Software Free (India), Surat India

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 k2039Kstreet Cyber Cafe Management Software helps  better manage for-profit Internet cafes and government-supported  Internet access locations --- in nearly every State. Kstreet Cafe is  a Client-Server application and is made up of two parts, the Server  and the Client Terminals. The Kstreet Cafe Server is managed from the  server, and all its features and functions are available on the  server screen. It is possible to perform all tasks such as viewing  the Status of the Client Terminals; viewing and managing Rate Plans,  Customer Information, Products, and Services; Editing the  Application Settings; viewing various Reports; and obtaining Help on all  features. Kstreet Cyber Cafe is the solution for your Internet cafe.  Our software provides you with ameans to control the workstations,  manage customer database, sell products and generate detailed reports  and statistics. call on 7383082082.  

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