HY101# Unsaturated Resin

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Description HY101# Unsaturated resin is a type of low viscosity polyester resin, it has good light stability, good performance for dipping of glass fiber, suitable for use in the manufacture of glass steel translucent tile and other contact molding products. Application Widely used in construction field, door, window, light lighting construction, grille, activities room,cold storage, park pavilion, Taiwan, kiosks, such as glass pipe, tank, tank and other anti-corrosion products and engineering vehicles, glass steel, glass steel, glass steel boat traffic equipment, labor protection and security products, glass fiber reinforced plastic sanitary equipment food containers, glass steel, glass steel furniture Technical Parameters Appearance Light yellow transparent liquid material Acid Number( AN) 28-36 25℃ Viscosity 2.5-4.5 ration of Solid 61-67 25℃ Gel time 12-25 25℃ Thermal-stability 6 80℃:24 Characteristics 1.Low viscosity,  2.good light stability,  3.good performance of dipping Warm tips : 1 It is forbidden to pour back the material into the Original packages even it is unused ; 2 construction to be dry and well ventilated space, Far away from the fire source; 3 stored in a cool dry place,Far away from light , and close the packages well . 4 Don’t contact with skin or eyes , Otherwise clean the skin with alcohol scrub, and wash with plenty of water and go to hospital in necessary Package 220KG/drum package Shelf life Under the temperature of 25 DEG C storage for a period of three to six months, elevated temperature can shorten the storage period of the corresponding

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