Ceramic sand production line from Kefan

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 ceramic sand is a ceramic particle product, has a very high fracturing strength, mainly used in underground support of oil field, to increase oil and gas output, belong to the environmental friendly products. This product make up of many kinds of raw materials( such as high quality bauxite, coal, ceramic and so on), through the calcination process. It is a substitution of low intensity support such as natural quartz sand, glass ball, metal ball etc.It got a good effects at increasing the output of oil and natural gas.   Complete ceramic sand production line is mainly including: ceramic granulating machine, ceramic granulator, ball mill, ceramic sand rotary kiln etc., Henan Kefan mining machinery Co., LTD. can provide complete and perfect ceramic sand production line equipment and provide ceramic sand production line design.   Working principle of Ceramic sand production line:   whatever the raw materials is, generally ,the production process is raw material homogenization, granulation, roasting, cooling. According to the material types and characteristics, its granulating process may be: plastic method technology: suitable for raw materials such as clay and clayey material, the process: clay plasticizing→ material homogenization→ double roll granulating →roasting → cooling →finished products; The mud granulating process: apply to fly ash or other powder material, its process: fly ash →mixed well →granulating→roasting→ cooling → finished products; The powder granulating process: suitable for raw materials such as shale, clay shale and coal gangue, the process: shale→drying→ grinding→ prewetting→ dish granulating→ roasting→ cooling →finished products; crush(dry) process: suitable for raw materials such as shale, its process: shale →crush →classification → roasting →cooling →finished products; Fuel: according to local fuel supply, choose bituminous coal, crude oil or natural gas.

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