Urodynamic Chair

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 Urodynamic Chair - Motorised Urodynamics most convenient to complete Urodynamic procedures extremely comfortable for patient operator and doctor.    *Advantages:- Filling and Voiding is done in one sitting Can be used with “C” arm image intensifier. Fluorescent Top and back to complete Video Urodynamics   *Features:- It is Fluro compatible and extremely comfortable. Urinary tract can be examined under the “C” arm. Back rest movement from supine to sitting position can be arranged to a position of 70 degrees while sitting. 2. Patient’s frog leg position can be maintained while shifting from sitting to supine and vice versa. UPP test can be carried out at ease as all the required arrangements are attached to the chair itself. Pressure transducers are connected to the chair in very convenient positions. Mixture volume sensors are placed in a manner so as to measure leak point pressures.       *Specifications:- Minimum Height - 800mm Maximum Height - 1100 mm Seat 520mm x 400mm Back 520mm x1000mm Hand Rest (Grip ) Funnel for Urine Flow Knee crunches for Lithotomy position Pressure Sensor Bracket

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