explosion protection screw air compressor for underground mining

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Hydraulic Drilling rig Down the Hole Drilling Rig Water well Drilling Rig Truck Mounted Drilling Rig Crawler Drill Rig Mining Drill Rig Drill Rig Drilling Rig Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig Air Compressor Drill Manufacturer Drill Equipment motor powered explosion protection screw air compressor These compressors can be operated nearby the working surface above the underground and can extend forward along the tunnel, which can keep the compressor working at high pressure and improve the efficiency of the pneumatic machinery 30%, reduce the power consumption by 30%   Features: SKK air end, superior structure, five male rotor and six female rotor, small space width, little return loss, improve efficiency 10-20%; high accuracy, operation smoothly, low noise emission, long lifespan, low maintenance cost, low fuel consumption. ?use stable and reliable air delivery control system imported from HOERBIGER COMPANY,AUSTRIA. ?automatically controls the volume of discharge air from 0 to 100% by matching the demand of the system air ?safety operation, protection from anti-explosion, over-load, short circuit, phase failure and leakage of electricity, with the protective device of over-temperature, air filter blockage, oil filter blockage, and oil separate core blockage.

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