GlobalTop MTK GPS Module USB Dongle with Patch Antenna

By Eric GlobalTop MTK GPS Module USB Dongle with Patch Antenna Custom Tag

GlobalTop Technology FGPMMOUDG is one of the smallest GPS Module Engine Board available together with a finely tuned, high-sensitivity Patch on Top (POT) ceramic antenna and USB interface connector all on the PCBA. This USB POT GPS module is an ideal solution for those who wish to incorporate GPS functions into their own design without worrying about RF noise interferences which could lead to signal downgrades. In addition, USB interface connector is already included directly on the PCBA for easy USB dongle solution. FGPMMOUDG’s design is powered by MediaTek Inc. (MTK) chipset, the leading digital fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital media solutions. This GPS module USB Dongle has a very compact design with excellent tracking performances, accurate positioning, highest of sensitivity and ease of integrations; it is ideal for use in small-form factor device design.


- Based on MediaTek Inc. MT3329 Solution

- USB Dongle Type for easy plug and play integration

- TCXO Design

- Sensitivity: -163 dBm Tracking

- L1 frequency, C/A code, 66-channels

- Position Accuracy: <3M 50% CEP


- Protocol: NMEA0183, RTCM SC-104, MTK Command

- AGPS Support – Super Fast Satellite Fix Time

- SmartAntenna: Finely Tuned Ceramic Antenna

- Low Power Consumption

- Cold Start <35s, Warm Start <34s, Hot Start <1s

- Max Update Rate: 10Hz

- LED Indicator

- Suitable for Portable, Mobile Device, UMPC, Notebooks and Netbooks

- RoHS

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