GlobalTop MTK ultra-small GPS Module with Patch Antenna PA6B

By Eric GlobalTop MTK ultra-small GPS Module with Patch Antenna PA6B Custom Tag

Our most successful ultra small GPS module with integrated patch antenna just got even better.

For starters, parts of circuitry are tweaked and tightened for performance and characteristic enhancement. Then, a new patch antenna is finely-tuned and utilized, chosen solely for its ability to take the overall GPS signal reception to the next level. This deadly combination provides a stunning sensitivity improvement across the board.

PA6B is completely pin-to-pin compatible with its predecessor PA6, offering not only the same ease of integration and small footprints, but also utilizing the latest GPS chipset MT3329 from MediaTek. You can instantly upgrade your PA6 based GPS device by replacing them with PA6B.

New Features in FGPMMOPA6B:

* Significant GPS Reception/Sensitivity Improvement

* Support up to 210 PRN Channels

* Jammer Detections and Reduction

* Multi Path Detection and Compensation

*Pin to Pin Compatible with FGPMMOPA6


- MediaTek Inc. MT3329

- Super Small Size: 16 x 16 x 6 mm

- TCXO Design

- Sensitivity: -165 dBm Tracking

- L1 frequency, C/A code, 66-channels

- Position Accuracy: <3M 50% CEP

- DGPS, SBAS, Datum

- AGPS Support

- Low Power Consumption

- Max Update Rate: 10Hz

- 1 PPS Support

- SMD Type

- USB and UART (TTL) Port

- RoHS

Custom Tag