ISO 9001 Awareness Training Presentation Kit

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Topic wise PowerPoint presentation in 7 modules as listed below: Overview of ISO:9001-2008 standard Process Approach ISO 9001:2008 Principles iso:9001-2008 requirements in detail ISO 9001 documentation iso 9001 2008 Quality Audit  iso 9001-2008 implementation steps This iso 9001 training presentation kit comprises of more than 200 foils, each presentation is pleasingly presented and designed to clearly communicate the message and establish a much better understanding. It also describes how to tackle ISO 9001 2008 procedure and drills down into all these topics. A trainer's guide (Brochure) Work-shops and case study is provided to evaluate effectiveness of ISO training A question bank of over 350 questions - department wise as well as ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements wise which can be customized to make your own internal audit checklist. All documents are in word and user can convert it in ISO 9001 PDF kit  

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