1U Modular Phone optic mux

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1. Summary Based on VLSI solution, ZMUX-32 is a flexible modular 1U device with optic link.It can transmit a combination of max 30 voices,images, data channels of 64 Kb/s along with a 10MB/s bit speed Ethernet data channel.   The device is used to collect the signals such as voice,data and image into a optic link by various interface cards,realizing point-to-point transmission.   2. Function Features a) It provides 30 channels of optional subscribers interfaces of various types to facilitate the access of various services; b) The voice interface supports caller ID display; c) CCB payphone application with polarity reversal; d) optical link interface is provided for reliable transmission of data; e) It provides one 10Base_T interface with bit rate of 10Mbps. f ) Perfect indications of status are available to facilitate maintenance and management g) With small size, attractive appearance, and easy for installation and operation. 3. Working Conditions Working Temperature:             0℃ ~ 40℃ Relative Humidity:               ≤ 90% (25℃) 4. Power Supply Input Voltage:                    -48V Acceptable dynamic Voltage:       -36V ~ -72V Input Current:                    < 1A   5.Subscriber Interface Modules (optional) Ø FXO   Ø FXS   Ø 2 wire audio interface/2 wire E&M interface   Ø 4 wire audio interface/4 wire E&M interface   Ø RS232/V.24 asynchronous data interface   Ø RS232 synchronous data interface   Ø RS422 data interface   Ø RS485 data interface   Ø Hot-line phone interface   Ø Magnet telephone interface   Ø V.21/V.22 interface  Ø V.35 interface(n*64K bandwidth)   Ø 10/100Base_T Ethernet interface(10M bandwidth)   Ø G.703 64Kb/s synchronous data interface     NOTES: The above subscriber interface modules can be optional for installation based on actual needs of users. This device provides max 30 slots for your optional modules.                                 6. Technical Parameters ☆ Optical Interface Normal Bit Rate: 16.384mb/s±50ppm Transmitting Optical Power: -5/-17dB Receiving Sensitivity: -36dB Standard Interface Type: FC/simple-mode/dual-fiber/transmission distance: 40km Alternative types: single-fiber,transmitting distance is   60km,80km or longer. ☆ Subscriber Interface(FXS) Impedance: 600Ω Insertion Loss: -3±0.75dB Frequency Characteristic: 300~3400Hz (-0.6~+3dB) weighted noise: ≤63.7dBmop Crosstalk Attenuation: ≥65dB Loop Impedance: ≤1800Ω ☆ Subscriber Interface(FXO)           Impedance: 600Ω Insertion Loss: -3±0.75dB Frequency Characteristic: 300~3400Hz(-0.6~+3dB) Weighted Noise: ≤63.7dBmop Crosstalk Attenuation: ≥65dB Loop Impedance: ≤1800Ω ☆ V.24/RS232 Interface Data & clock level confirm to the recommendation of  V.28 Synchronous Data Rate: 64Kbps Asynchronous Data Rate : 0~19200bps ☆ 2/4 wire Audio Interface                                 Coding mode: ITU-T G.711A Frequency Range: 300~3400Hz 2 wire Input Relative Level: 0~ -5dBr Output Relative Level: -2~ -7dBr 4 wire Input Relative Level: -14dBr Output Relative Level: +4dBr ☆ V.35 Interface type: V.35 synchronous Rate: Nx64Kb/s(N =1~30) Clock: DCE ☆ Ethernet Interface Compatible with IEEE802.3 Local Area Network Interface Rate: 10/100Base_T Wide Area Network Interface Rate: 10Mb/s Supports simplex mode, duplex mode , full duplex mode & tranparent mode ☆Others 19 inch 1U EIA chassis LED indicators indicates the working status of the   Input Voltage: -48V DC  Input Current:

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