Mini Modular PCM multiplexer (Desktop model)

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1. Summary This compact desktop ZMUX-08E is the fundamental device for the digital communication system, which is also named PCM basic group device. The device is used to multiplex the signals such as voice, data and image into a standard 2M link via various interface cards, realizing point-to-point transmission.   2. Functional Features a) It provides 8 channels of optional subscribers interfaces of various types to facilitate the access of various services; b) It provides 2M channel for transmission directly; c) The voice interface supports caller ID display; d) CCB payphone application with polarity reversal; e) The bit rate of the port marking 10Base_T is 64kbps. f)  Perfect indications of status are available to facilitate maintenance and management; g) With very small size, attractive appearance, and easy for installation and operation 3. Working Conditions Working Temperature:  0℃ ~ 40℃ Relative Humidity:  ≤ 90% (25℃) 4. Power Supply Input Voltage:  -48V Acceptable dynamic Voltage:  -36V ~ -72V Input Current:  < 1A 5. Subscriber Interface Modules (optional)    Ø FXO   Ø FXS   Ø 2 wire audio interface/2 wire E&M interface   Ø 4 wire audio interface/4 wire E&M interface  Ø RS232/V.24 asynchronous data interface   Ø RS232 synchronous data interface   Ø RS422 data interface   Ø RS485 data interface   Ø Hot-line phone interface   Ø Magnet telephone interface  Ø V.21/V.22 interface   Ø V.35 interface(n*64K bandwidth)   Ø n*64k Ethernet interface(n*64k bandwidth) Ø G.703 64Kb/s synchronous data interface    NOTES: The above subscriber interface modules can be optional for installation based on actual needs of users. This device provides max 8 slots for your optional modules.    6. Technical Parameters  ☆ G.703-E1 Interface Conforms to the recommendation of ITU G.703/G.704; Nominal Bit Rate: 2048kbit/s Bit Rate Fault Tolerant: +102.4bit E1 Line Code: HDB3  Impedance: 75Ω  or  120Ω ☆ Subscriber Interface(FXS) Impedance: 600Ω Insertion Loss: -3±0.75dB Frequency Characteristic: 300~3400Hz(-0.6~+3dB) Weighted Noise: ≤63.7dBmop Crosstalk Attenuation: ≥65dB Loop Impedance: ≤1800Ω ☆ Subscriber Interface(FXO)           Impedance: 600Ω Insertion Loss: -3±0.75dB Frequency Characteristic: 300~3400Hz(-0.6~+3dB) Weighted Noise: ≤63.7dBmop Crosstalk Attenuation: ≥65dB Loop Impedance: ≤1800Ω ☆ V.24/RS232 Interface Data and clock level conform to the recommendation of  V.28 Synchronous Data Rate: 64Kbps Asynchronous Data Rate : 0~19200bps ☆ 2/4 wire Audio Interface                                 Coding mode:     ITU-T G.711A Frequency Range: 300~3400Hz 2 wire Input Relative Level: 0~ -5dBr Output Relative Level: -2~ -7dBr 4 wire Input Relative Level: -14dBr Output Relative Level:   +4dBr ☆ V.35 Interface type: V.35 Synchronous Rate: Nx64Kb/s(N =1~30) Clock: DCE ☆  Ethernet interface Compatible with IEEE802.3 Rate of Local Area Network Interface: 10/100Base_T Rate of Wide area network interface: n×64k (n=1-30)Support simplex mode, duplex mode, full-duplex mode  & tranparent mode. ☆  Others 1U EIA chassis LED indicators indicates the working status of the system Input Voltage: -48V DC  Full Capacity Static Power:

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