9FZ series pulverizer

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Feature of 9FZ series pulverizer:the kind of machine produced by our company is a kind of multiple kinetic energy pulverizer which collect all the essence of the same industry.So that its function is stable and can be used multiply. The supporting electric machinery is the single phase motor with 1.5-2.2KW and it can work by using home lighting power, which is economical and beneficial.It can crush rice,wheat flour,cornmeal and straw of corn, etc.It is small and light so that it is the indispensable machine for family cultivation and life. Working principle of 9FZ series pulverizer: this machine is mainly made up of feeding hopper, rotor, crushing chamber, a screen mesh and motor,etc. 9FZ series pulverizerAfter the materials enter into the crush chamber through the feeding inlet, under the continuous high-speed combat of the rotary vane and the rubbing against the crushing chamber, the materials will be crushed into powder or paste rapidly. And then under the action of centrifugal power and air producing by the rotor the finished products will discharge from the discharging port through the screen.

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