Urgent Land and House sale

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Its just great opportunity to those people who want to small and low cost land with simple house and mini road to land and house at Lake side-6.pokhara, kaski, nepal.The Land is just 20 meter down from the main street of lake side......Just 20 meter! But its mini road is just 35 Meters to the exact land and house bcoz of the mini road is with "L" Shape from the main road to the land and house. The land is really in nice place of Main street of lake side but there is nothing to hide, the mini road of reach to land is just 5ft wide to 3 ft wide on the way......the starting road is 5ft wide but after its there is just 3 ft wide road to reach at the land so i suggestion to those who would like to buy it that please, if u have car and big vehicles do not try to buy it but motor bike can go easily and the land is really great option for tourist bar, restaurant and special for personal use. I recommend to for Tourist bar, Pub and restaurant bcoz of there is great hanging place BUSY BEE CAFÉ, the one of the best night life place of lake side ever and ever but the land is not bad for personal use, too!  .........notice it Please, if you are looking really wide road to the land and waiting for some four wheel vehicles its not for u but it is great option for who want to be live in lake side with buy in cheap land at lake side, pokhara.its great offer now! So do call me at these nos mobile No: 9804177110/9843048569/9814130350 I am hoping to get ur calls or respond as well as.


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