Roto Moulding Machine

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We are the Manufacturers & Exporters of Roto Moulding Machine From India 


Naroto offer bi axial three/ four arm an ideal machine for high volume production, even complicated sizes with similar working cycles. Moulders will appreciate its wide swing diameter from 60 to 240 inches. Sturdy steel structure with high efficiency out put and less maintenance are its principal features.

Naroto three arm machine is mainly used in application where the process time for each arm require equal like one heating chamber one cooling chamber and one load/unload area. Also available in different application like Four station where one heating,one precooling, one cooling and one loding/unloding area. Four station where one pre heating,one heating, one coolling, and one loading/unloading area. Four station where one heating chamber, one cooling chamber, two load/unload area.


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