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We are in the business of Manufacturing high quality Trefoil Clamps conforming to most demanding standards to various industries since 1972. Due to exceptional quality and competitive price with well known and extremely reputed companies.


 Product; :- TREFOIL Clamps & Cable Cleats in various M.O.C., As Below :-  


1      F.R.P.

2      Glass Filled Moulded Nylon,

3      Nylon 6,

4      Cast Aluminum [ LM-6 ]

5      Aluminum Strip

6      NYLON

7      PVC / HDP 


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We are providing some essential details on Trefoil Clamps which is as under.






Trefoil Clamps are used for high voltage  single  core cables  where  the  current rating is high and 3 core cables are not available. The Trefoil Clamps are used for laying  single core cables in Trefoil touching formation which helps to maintain magnetic symmetry thereby  avoiding  electro  magnetic heating and loss of current. It’s  nullify  the  induced magnetic field of high voltage power cable. The Trefoil  Clamps  are  Protection  of  power  and  control  cable  from  the  lightning   discharges  and Establishment of easy cable circulation paths.







Trefoil  Clamps  are  suitable  for  supporting  Single  Core  PVC/ HRPVC, XLPE, XLPE Insulated Aluminium, Un- Armoured, Earth And Un Earth Power  Cables  from  1.1  Kv  to  132 KV Grade.  3 Phase A.C. Circuits in trefoil formation in Generation Stations, Sub-Stations, Thermal Power Stations, Switchgear Plants , Industrial Installation, Terminal Kits, and Straight through Jointing Kits etc. These can be used for indoor or outdoor for vertical or horizontal running cables inside trenches or on racks / galleries.

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