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By Mahesh Kumar Vyas bentonite cat litter / pet clumbing and grooming cat litter Custom Tag

 We Provide high quality JiMMy Cat Litter- KOLAYAT sodium Bentonite*with high iron content and very fine particle size resulting in excellent swelling capacity KOLAYAT sodium Bentonite*procured from rich deposits of kolayat- Rajasthan where climate is dry and over 300 days of strong sunshine resulting in natural drying - makes it most cost effective.

Vincity of kandla port and abandons of labour at cheaper cost makes us more competitive.


JiMMy Cat Litter is a amazing KOLAYAT sodium Bentonite*litter which eliminates cat litter odours and becomes dry to the touch in seconds.

JiMMy Cat Litter is a Cost effective.



JiMMy Cat Litter      


#    100% Natural

#    No-Chemicals additives                         

#    Natural Odour control

#    All Most Dust Free

#    Also Available in Private Label


JiMMy Cat Litter Available in Granules size of


1)    1 mm to 5 mm

2)    0.5 mm to 2 mm


     We Supply JiMMy Cat Litter in 25 kg, 10 kg, and 5 kg Bags.

     Packing,  Printing  of  bag and Brand  Name  can be provided

     As per Customers Specification.

Custom Tag