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Assign Duties with the Help of Charge Capture App

Do you run a hospital or clinic that needs service by efficient doctors round the clock? The traditional method of assigning doctors or associated staffs with their daily duties or charge sheets is now an old age task. The advancement in science and technology has allowed the field of medicine to take a step ahead. Many hospitals, now assign tasks to their doctors through online formats.


Working of MD coder app


We, MD Coder are the company who has designed and developed a charge capture app. MD Coder allows an easy communication between hospitals and its associated doctors. It allows physicians to view and take over their assigned charges effectively.


The charge for doctors is assigned from a central database that is controlled by a system expert. Also, there is provision to edit and review assigned task according to demand and convenience of doctor.


The advantages of charge capture app are as follows:


Ø  Electronic communication to staff

Ø  Effective method, so that no charges are missed or lost

Ø  Allow option to view entire case history of a patient

Ø  Easy to operate and user friendly

Ø  Dictionary with 3, 50,000 keywords

Ø  Easy options to edit and customize fields

Ø  Compliant to HIPAA

Ø  Reduce risk of audit




MD coder is delivered as software that can be easily downloaded at minimal cost. Our clients are provided with options to purchase software either on a monthly rent basis or through yearly subscription pattern. When it comes to annual subscription we provide our clients with additional discounts and offers. Our team of experts will help our clients with support regarding usage of software and its maintenance.


Purchase of MD coder consists of the following features:


Ø  Provider License

Ø  Web based training

Ø  Either web edition or phone compatible software package


An advantage of our charge care app is that can be downloaded to any smart phones. It means MD coder is compatible with iPhone, Android or Blackberry phones. For further operating efficiency we also avail a web edition of the same.


Over the years, we have been successful in joining hands with too many established hospitals and clinics. The increased efficiency of the app allows both physicians and back office employees to function effectively to assign charges. The pattern of working gets advanced and every related department are provided with real time update about tasks and corresponding feedbacks.


In case, you are worried about the working pattern of software, then we will provide you with a trial version too. Our 14 day trial version will allow our clients to have a clear understanding about app, its functioning, and changes it can bring to your existing work pattern.


So, if you are worried about bringing changes to existing working pattern in your hospital then the best choice to you is MD Coder. Our team of technicians is available 24*7 to help you on any hiccups related to charge capture app.


About the Author:

The author of this article has an extensive knowledge in the field of Medical Charge Capture and Hospital Charge Capture.


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