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Will a Solar Power System Work for You?

If you are still thinking of going solar and are finding it difficult to choose the correct provider and instaler, then you are in the right place. Here, we help you take a closer look at how the installation of a reliable off grid residential solar helps you save good money and energy—in the best manner possible.

Solar Panel Installation

With urban, rural and far flung centers looking towards green building design ideas, it is becoming quite commonplace to rely upon the meaningful approach and effective nature of these panels. Leading to great savings on power bills through free electricity, off grid solar systems are smartly designed groups of solar panels connected to your main power grid, thereby making it possible to attain the valuable benefits of solar power right at home. Off grid solar systems consist of:

- An array of panels for the generation of solar power;
- A charge controller for the easy transfer of energy from solar panels to the installed battery ;
- Battery Bank for the correct storage of required number of batteries;
- Current Inverter for the transformation of DC power to easily usable AC power;
- An electric generator which is optional.

The correct utilization of the above mentioned components of the system is possible only if the place at which they are installed in your residence receives adequate sunlight, throughout the day. Sunlight plays a vital role in charging the batteries and therefore it is recommended that you place the panels on either your roof or in an open backyard for best results.

The advantages and disadvantages of solar panels for your home are discussed below:


- Off grid parcels prove to be less expensive when compared to grid systems, so they are quite affordable;
- They are expandable and can be scaled in accordance to your changing needs;
- Are capable of being in just about any location—depending on the quantum of sunlight available in that location;
- The extra energy generated through these panels can be saved for later use;
- The system leads to the effective and careful use of electricity;
- Easy to install and maintain, they lead to trouble free generation and use of energy.


You need to rely on weather conditions for electricity generation and there is no streamlined backup or troubleshooting system in most cases.

Renewable energy systems are here to last and promise to go a long way in making your residential living less stressful. Thinking to switch to solar panels for your home? Good idea! Now you can save more energy and money on your utility bills. Know more at and

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