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iGeek, Inc. releases Indelible FS

1888PressRelease - iGeek, Inc. today announced the Beta release of Indelible FS, the Open Source Storage Management System and Technology Partnership with Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS).

Storage is one of the key components of information technology. Today's storage landscape is confusing with many different hardware and software products needing to be integrated together to provide a working infrastructure. Indelible FS provides a complete storage system, including traditional file system, object storage and virtual disks. It is scalable, distributed and easy to use. Indelible FS integrates backup and data deduplication into the basic file system removing the need for additional software for data safety. Indelible FS is distributed, caching data where it needs to be accessed automatically.

David Smith-Uchida, iGeek's President and Head Geek, said, "It's now 2014 and we're still using file systems which were basically designed in the 1970's. It's time to start using a storage management system that actually handles the details of storage management instead of forcing systems administrators to constantly worry about disk failures or lack of space. Backup and data protection should be a basic feature of the storage system, not something added on later. We've created Indelible FS based on our background in supercomputing, cloud storage and desktop applications to make a storage system that is scalable, affordable and easy to use."

Indelible FS is designed to be scalable from single server to cloud scale. It enables the use of commodity hardware with enterprise level stability through advanced software design. Indelible FS is well suited for cloud providers and is designed to manage storage at the petabyte level and beyond. It has support for secure multi-tenant operations built in, unlike most storage systems. It is also designed to support hybrid operations, allowing users to store data in their local systems and backup or offload to a cloud provider.

"Major online storage providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Zantaz use commodity storage and advanced software to deliver reliable storage at a low cost. Unfortunately, the only way to use their software is to use their services. Indelible FS allows cloud providers and data center operators to provide storage at a price that is competitive with Amazon S3 and be profitable," said David Smith-Uchida. Beginning this summer, storage services based on Indelible FS will be offered by iGeek and hosted at KCCS data centers. KCCS will also evaluate Indelible FS as a storage system for their cloud solutions.

Indelible FS is being released under the Apache License, and is freely available to use and modify. Indelible FS runs on Linux and supports Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu and Centos. This is a BETA release and is not recommended for production use. iGeek, Inc. offers no warranty or support for the Open Source release. Please contact iGeek, Inc. for pricing on support and consulting services.

Three modules are being released today:
Indelible FS - core storage system including a POSIX compatible file system, data deduplication, remote replication and versioning.
Indelible Virtual SAN - virtual disk system, providing an iSCSI target, copy-on-write semantics and distributed caching.
Indelible Web Access - provides REST API's for controlling Indelible FS and web access to data stored in Indelible FS.

Please visit for more information (English and Japanese) and downloads. Contact info at for information on support and consulting pricing, or any other questions.

About iGeek, Inc:
iGeek, Inc is a storage software and service provider with operations in Silicon Valley and Tokyo, Japan. Our award-winning Indelible Desktop Backup has been shipping since 2005 and is used worldwide. iGeek, Inc. was founded in 2000.

About AXSH:
AXSH is a leading supplier of cloud computing software. Wakame-vdc currently powers Kyocera Communication Systems' GreenOffice Unified Cloud and NTT PC Communications' WebARENA VPS Cloud.

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