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Why Use Email Spam Filters


Tired of hitting the “DEL” button on the countless junk emails that hits your inbox. Email spam filters help cut down the amount of junk mail that one receives. Spam filter is like your loving pet that alerts you on seeing a stranger at your doorstep. In addition, these filters go a step ahead and block them from entering your inbox.

Junk email compromises 80% of the email that hits the inbox every day. Cleaning up all these emails manually is a tough task and it is time consuming, as well! You would not want to waste your productive hours cleaning your inbox in order to read the important business or personal emails. Organizations like Microsoft have even filed lawsuits against companies that send such unsolicited emails clogging the computer networks, negatively affecting the employees’ productivity, spreading virus, etc.

Well, not many of us would be able to file a lawsuit against such companies. Instead, using highly effective email spam filters would be a great idea to block the junk mail hitting your inbox. The good news is the availability of such tools, but before one starts using these filters it is necessary to know how these filters work and what steps and precautions you need to take to ensure effective use of these filters and save your precious time.
Email spam filters use a set of rules or protocols to identify the junk mail and block them from entering your inbox. There are many types of spam filters and each of these works based on certain settings.

•    Header Filters: These filters examine the header of the email, which contains the information such as the origin of the email and the IP of the sender. Filters check for emails that have a forged header, as senders forget the headers to make the emails appear genuine as against an advertisement, or a mail sent to many other recipients, and blocks them.

•    Content Filters: These types of filters are the most effective to combat spam. With the help of a sophisticated algorithm, content filters determine if an email is spam or not. These filters scan the entire content or the text of the email to check if they contain any spam words. Filters look out for words such as lottery, discount, offer, or adult terms such as Viagra, pills, hot, drugs, or if the message is mostly an image with almost no text or very little of text to be considered as spam.

•    Language Filters: Well, you would be scared to receive an email that is in Chinese or Latin or some other language that is not your native tongue.  It is an indication of fraud or spam, at the least! Filters too consider such emails as spam and therefore they block any email that is not in the language of your choice, language that you understand.

Apart from these, you can also customize settings and come up with your own filter or have a user defined filter to help determine what spam in your opinion is and block only those emails.



Securence is a leading provider of enterprise email filtering software that offers email protection and security services such as encrypted email, spam filter, email archiving and continuity solutions to small and large businesses.

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