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do business, a long-term residence permit stipulated in terms of The <a href="">Setup Guangzhou Company</a> first of the stay if you will of the contract or  any short three years be.

Temporarily move as a transfer within the company, People's Republic of territory to the representative office of China Definition Manager, as a WTO member company senior employees who founded branches and subsidiaries, and to allow the entry for executives and professionals The first stay of three years and must be.

Many of the members, has a column of entry of their schedule market access indicating that promise is is or similar wording "subject to availability of spectrum / frequency". In consideration of the specific constraints on the physical properties and its <a href="">China Patent Application</a> use of the spectrum, for members to protect the fully legitimate spectrum management policy, it can be understood that there is a possibility that has been trying to rely on these words. Yes, however, the words such as "subject to availability of spectrum / frequency" as listed in the market access of such a number of members of the schedule doubt to achieve its purpose.

Insured, master policy business in the construction project of the state key as its subject. Investors of state key construction projects (ie, so it appears, projects that are announced every year the State Development Planning Commission) is, if it meets any of the following requirements, they are in the same location You can buy a master policy from the insurance company that is located in the investor corporation will do.

Master policy that covers the insured of different subject matters same corporation. These subjects matter is located in a different location, (finance, railway, except for the post and communications industries and companies) In the case of the insured that the corporation owns, master policy, in either of the following conditions: It can be issued on the basis of.

It is providing the property and the blanket coverage of the liability of the same corporation that master policy is in a different location policy. Master policy is may be issued by the business department of the head office or regular Ministry of level of insurance company branch. The other branch is not allowed to issue master policy.

Automobile insurance, credit insurance, excluded employment liability insurance by the CIRC, legal insurance, and other insurance business, subject - insurance company of a position other than the location where the insured is covered position, or under the master policy is <a href="">Overseas Company Registration</a> underwritten or It will not be able to join the co-insurance.

None (criteria for permission to deal in the financial services sector of China (simply soundness ie, quantitative limit on the economic needs test and license). Contains branches of foreign financial institutions are not allowed .

Except for the joint ventures and wholly-owned travel agencies and tour operators, both Chinese travel abroad, Hong Kong, China, Macau, China and it has not been not allowed to engage in activities in Taiwan.

Within accession after six years, eit

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