Rejuvenating your old concrete with Epoxy flooring

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Do you have an old concrete floor that appears dull, dirty and rough? Do you want to modify the flooring of your garage, kitchen or any other part so as to make it look presentable? In this article we are going to talk about some affordable options like epoxy floor coating and concrete staining for getting presentable flooring.

Acid Stained Concrete

In this method, floors are stained with different chemicals to give them a lustrous and classy finish. Staining can be of two types: acid-based chemical stains and water-based acrylics. Stains can be applied on old/new or plain/colored floors to impart their lustrous, transparent look.

They provide a layer of very thin film which is very durable and protects the floor from further damage. Though, this method is not suitable for floors that have cracks because any such crack can be seen right through the stains.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a mixture of resins and hardeners. Many are unfamiliar of the fact that epoxy flooring can be a great option for giving an appealing look to the floors at a cheap budget.

This method results in floors that are very durable and easy to clean or maintain. So, it becomes an ideal flooring method for the floors that are used very frequently such as offices, hospitals, gyms, etc.

They are very easy to apply on the floor but it takes time when it is done for the first time as it demands levelling up of rough surface. But after the first coating, the further coatings are quite easy and are very cheap.


Polishing is the process of removal of the top layer of a concrete/marble so as to give it a new, shining look. It can be achieved with or without application of chemicals.

In the case when chemicals are not used, the surface is polished with a metal polisher that scraps out the top layer of concrete/marble and makes it even.

When chemicals are used, they react with the surface and dissolve the top layer giving a lustrous appearance. Many people think that it is the chemical that gives the lustrous appearance. But it is the sheen of the concrete or marble itself, which was not visible earlier due to its rough surface.

So any of the above methods that you decide to choose for your floor, make sure it is consistent with your needs and budget. If you’re searching for fantastic flooring options, then look no further as you can get the best epoxy flooring, polished concrete and more options at Kansas City Concrete Solutions. Read more,
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