Rustic Lighting Options for an Elegant Interior

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 Rustic styled interiors are often identified with bare unpainted walls, rough wood ceilings and a heavy grungy fireplace at the center of it all. It reminds us of an era when technology was not so commonplace and neither were the modern day amenities. Well, a rustic interior, though gives a feel of comparatively less urban ambience, but it never means any luxury less. Like other design patterns a rustic interior is also a typical one marked by its less pretentious yet sophisticated and naturalistic yet elegant style of appearance.

Following are some rustic lighting patterns that look gorgeous and classy inside a properly done rustic interior.
Rustic Lamps:
These items can be of different sizes and structures. Typically they are made of wood with a thick platform at the bottom and above it storeys of wooden squares. The wall design could be diverse but the most popular is the cob like craving. The top shade is also of wood-like qualities where the sheet is thick and the cover is more opaque than transparent.
Rustic chandeliers can be skillfully used in most of the designing scenarios for its royal character and its ability to mix up with scenarios that are not so rustic. The branches of the chandelier are often made with thick wrought iron, which is highly engraved.
Wall Sconces
Wall sconces act as good rustic backgrounds for wall lighting and it can be of various shapes and patterns. The most common of them is the cross racket structure where two tennis rackets like wooden cutouts cross each other forming an X.
Vanity Lights
These rustic lightings are particularly custom made for mirror lighting and these were originally used as mirror lights for theatre make up rooms. The rectangular base structure here is provided with bulb holders and above that design of various rustic motifs is placed. These motifs could well be that of animals or trees resembling close to the core of our forest and other natural environment.
Antler Chandeliers
This type of design resembles the horns and extended skull structure of animals of the deer and antelope family. Generally in the original scenario, these horns grow, forming symmetry on both sides of the head, but at the same time they can be used as asymmetric structures in any rustic chandelier.
Bear Lamps
These are rustic lighting at their animated best. These are mostly wall lamps where the bark or main stand of the lamp is engraved with bears all around it, of different sizes. These types of lamps are particularly popular in the kids room of a well designed holistic rustic interior, for these are generally heavy to move and creates an interest among children for its stoned bears trying to climb up to the top.
Ceiling Light Fixtures
These are of diverse designs and motifs and engravings of various pattern, mostly Victorian, are used in these. Even the core light-shade is also engraved in one way or another and these can be used in many numbers to create an ultimate royal ceiling.
Rustic lighting therefore can always be very innovative, classy, elegant and can serve multiple purposes if hanged properly. They can be used in ceiling, in walls, on table tops or as a holistic solution for the entire cabin lighting.

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