Customised Staffprobe Employee Survey - Helping To Improve Worker Satisfaction And Engagement Levels

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It has frequently been demonstrated that companies with an unsatisfied workforce not only suffer from a poor culture but are also likely to underperform in terms of sales and profits. Disgruntled employees can also leat to a higher rate of absenteeism and leave – even by the most senior employees if they are disengaged.  It is therefore very important that organisations look after the interests of their workers and keep them as engaged as possible. Companies worldwide often have a HR department comprising of experienced, skilled HR managers or executives to study the level of employee engagement and satisfaction.

One of the leading employee engagement survey companies in the UK, which specialises in employee satisfaction, is Vision One. This firm has been helping multiple organisations increase engagement and motivation amongst the employees for maximum worker productivity and efficiency. The Employee Engagement and Satisfaction (E-Sat) surveys conducted by Vision One helps organisations to find out the rate of employee engagement within a company and identify areas of dissatisfaction. Such an employee survey ( helps HR management teams to clearly understand the problem areas and find an effective solution and strategy to bring about staff satisfaction, as well as creating a solid strategic plan to identify the areas for necessary improvements.

Engaging the employees with your company is one of the most important things for management. It makes a big difference in terms of increasing reliance on your brand and the products or services. In 2014, Vision One conducted a national Employee Survey the result of which showed that almost 14 million employees in the UK are not engaged with their employer. The result is indeed shocking and obviously an indication that UK companies need to think more seriously about the engagement of their workers.

Vision One has developed a unique Employee Satisfaction Survey solution known as StaffProbe that will help companies to easily find how committed and engaged their employees are and the underlying issues. The customised employee satisfaction survey (  helps to quickly uncover the areas of improvement (e.g. culture, man-mangement, remuneration etc) and work upon them. Through StaffProbe, it is also possible to compare your performance against the norms compiled with similar companies results and to monitor progress over time.

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