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pneumatic drilling rig for sale three impact pressure gauge can monitor the impact pressure of the three arms, timely replacement If the pressure gauge is damaged, will appear the following issues: (1) hydraulic components wear, pressure oil leak, the hydraulic system out of control, is not working properly; (2) or to work blindly increase the hydraulic crawler drill rig pressure, it will often appear pipeline burst, oil spills. Found at the scene: the boost pressure of the three arms of 1.2-1.5 times well drilling rigs the normal pressure; promote the return pressure of the three arms of 2-2.5 times the normal pressure; three-arm shock pressure is too high; anti-jamming could not coordination, early card brazing does not return, often burst pipes, oil spills, these are pressure gauge damage, increase the pressure, barely work caused by the failure. This is a drill, one of the reasons for the drill pipe super borehole drilling rig for sale consumption. 2.3 oil return system failure Back to the oil filter to filter impurities and thermal cooling effect from the oil return system. Distribution cabinets back to the oil filter by the sensor to the alarm circuit back to the oil warning light, suggesting that the water well drilling machine

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